ArmbandsArmbands: Tyvek Wristbands are water resistant and have a waterproof adhesive guaranteed to stay on. Reduced price as they are not full boxes. The quantities vary from 50 to 900 armbands per box. $1.50 – $15 per box



elevated-bleachers-animated Bleachers: Looking to put in new bleachers or add to existing bleachers. Feel free to e-mail or call for more details.









CC Machine       Credit Card Services: Looking to lower your finance charges or start accepting credit cards for a minimum cost trackside. Feel free to e-mail or call for more details.











Sublimated Shits

     Crew Uniform Shirts: Shirts are fully sublimated you can put any design on them you please. Your imagination is our project. Shirts are available in short and long sleeve. Hoodies are also available. Detailed list located under the Crew Shirt -Traffic Lights section. Samples can be found here









     kb2blower  Debris Blowers: Tired of the lengthy time that it takes to clean the racing surface the solutions is in front of you. Many also use it to clean the entire facility including trash after the event. Feel free to e-mail or call for more details.






      Flags & Flag Holders: Starter stand to corners flagman need to be able to inform the drivers. Flags are a single layer RipStop material that is light-weight material, durable nylon, to create flags that won’t tire out the flagman after a night of races. They come in all sizes and colors. Even have bags and holders to keep them in great condition. Detailed list located under the Flag & Flag Holder section.




Marketing Material      Marketing and Promotion Material: Want to step up your marketing material to attract big sponsors and more fans. All forms of material is available such as: Brochures, Business cards, pocket schedules, flyers, posters, post cards, coupons, programs, tickets, letter head, and special projects you may have. Feel free to e-mail or call for more details.


     One-Way Radios & Earbuds: Race Control keeps the show moving by communicating directly to the driver and keeping him informed. From telling them where the yellow flag is to line ups on the restart. Detailed list located under the Radio – Headsets – One-Way radio section.








Radio Equipment: Variety of types of radios and headsets to make sure your staff is always in communication to make the best decisions on the track. Detailed list located under the Radio – Headset – One-Way radio section.




Scoreboard_BF Board      Scoreboards, Black Flag Displays & Message Boards: Led scoreboards available in a vertical and horizontal with 5 to 24 inch digits. All boards are compatible with numerous transponder timing systems. Help keep your fans informed of whom is where. Detailed list located under the Scoreboards section.









Traffic Lights      Traffic Lights: Having a hard time finding traffic signals to keep your drivers informed? LED and Light bulb styles available along with WIRELESS. Details listed under Crew Shirt & Traffic Light section.







Farmtek Timing Light

Timing Lights (Photo Cells): This is a lower cost way to qualify cars one at a time vs transponder timing systems. The accuracy is little close to that of a transponder. This is a beam light aligned and broke with a vehicle and stopped when the vehicle breaks the beam again. Detailed list located under the Transponder Timing Systems section



westhold TS

     Transponder Timing Systems:  Race management solutions deliver precise timing and scoring for all forms of racing. Each transponders has its on serial number which is assigned to a driver/car for accurate timing and scoring when the vehicle crosses over the start/finish line (scoring loop). There are a variety of types of transponders depending the form of racing you are providing. There is also two types of systems available. Detailed list located under the Transponder Timing Systems section.



Simes Trophy      Trophies: Looking for a special style of trophy to award on a special event? Made in several designs. Feel free to e-mail or call for more details.






*All Products listed are sold in any quantity needed there is no minimums on orders. However, prices may vary based on quantity.

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